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6431 - Pin Trading Night - Jaq

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Release FormatLimited Edition 400
Release DateJanuary 2019
Origins Disneyland Resort Paris
SKUs 2078210191076
MaterialGold / Bronze Metal
Back TypeWaffle Mickey Icons
Original Price€ 14.99 (for the pin)
Add DateNovember 2019
Added ByPinTradingDB


This pin features Jaq, one of the mouses from the movie Cinderella.
PIN TRADING NIGHT is written on the top and Disneyland Resort Paris on the bottom.
The moon and the stars on the dark blue background glow in the dark.
This pin was released at Hotel Sequoia Lodge on January 25, 2019.
There is a red border around the pin which says in white Pin Trading Night and at the bottom is Disneyland Paris.
There is a gold banner across the pin which has a small castle on one side and the earful tower on the other.
On the dark blue background are glow in the dark crescent moon and stars.

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